5 Small House Secret Tricks that Can Look Large

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People who live in densely populated urban areas experience the same problems about living quarters. Often, this problem is tricked by buying or building a small house that fits the budget as a family residence

Buying or building a small house is not really a problem especially for young people who are just starting a family or living alone, having a small house with a little room will not be a problem. After all, with very limited room capacity, a small house can look big, as long as the homeowner is careful and knows how to properly arrange the interior of a small house.

To answer the problem of small houses, Kania has 10 tricks to maximize space and land in small houses to make it look wider. What are the tricks? Are you curious? So, see this article first!

Bright Colors for Walls

You must have heard or read very often about how the bright colors of the paint house make a small room or house seem more spacious and spacious. This classic way works effectively. The architectural and interior design experts recommend white paint and other bright colors to be applied to a small room or house.

With bright colors, a small house will feel spacious, fresh, and bright. Applying dark colored paint to the room will make the small house look more comfortable, but make the small house smaller. Instead of reflecting light, dark paint colors instead absorb the incoming lighting source, as a result the house looks bleak.

Do not place the flat furniture on the wall

It has become a habit for most people in arranging furniture, shifting furniture to the walls of houses has been trusted as a method to provide space for small houses. This perception is not entirely true.

If you have a sofa in a small living room, slide the sofa a little from the wall, give it a gap to breathe, so that when there is light coming in, a shadow will emerge from the sofa. The shadow creates the illusion of perception of a larger room in a small house.

Take advantage of the Mirror on the Wall

If you visit a restaurant or shopping shop with a small room, pay attention to the surrounding walls of the room. The shop owner put a mirror around the room to create the impression of a large room. This mirror trick can also be applied to small homes.

In a fairly narrow room, hang several medium-sized mirrors next to each other. Create a mirror frame into a uniform color to beautify the decor of the room, to give the impression of a room that is wider than the original.

Multifunctional Furniture as a Solution

Placing a small cupboard and a table in a small space in a small house will actually make the small house feel full and tight. Why not use a desk with drawers or a multifunctional cabinet that can be used as a cabinet together? Today, multifunctional tables are widely available on the market with varying prices.

By utilizing multifunctional furniture, you have saved space in the small house that you inhabit. If the bedroom is narrow and you need extra space to store equipment, buy a mattress that has a drawer under the bed that can be used as a storage cabinet.

There is also an office desk that has a storage cabinet, such as a children’s study table, but you can use the storage capacity to make your small house feel great.

Carpet Pattern Motifs For A Broader Display Room

If you don’t have carpets for a small house and plan to shop for rugs, buy a carpet with a small repetitive pattern. Carpets with small repetitive pattern motifs will give the impression of a wider room.

Place the carpet under the living room table. Alas, carpets with different repetitive patterns on other furniture in your small house such as under the bed, sofa and cupboard. This is an eye illusion trick to make a small house look spacious, not tight, and look bright.

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